Kahoot is a uniquely designed free game based platform where students can take part and they can discuss their queries with the teachers in actual time . This uniquely designed tool is a Avant-garde platform for learning and playing various games under one roof , peculiar with both playing and learning together which is quite impressive for the audience .This is not the end the tool has another special feature that is Kahoot allows you to create your own games so that others can also play and use it to its best everyday. You All will Get to Know About the Following Topics Kahoot Login, Kahoot Hack, Kahoot Codes, Kahoot Game Pin, Kahoot Teachers Login, Kahoot Student Login, Kahoot Signin, Kahoot Signup, Kahoot FAQ and Many More

This app now is been used by so many people across the globe  everyday to discover and play new varieties of games created by others, And also allows to share the particular games with each other. overall we can speak about the app that its a best version of a gaming platform with learning new things.

Kahoot Login

The app can be accessed through any device and it’s free for all the users , allowing you to make learning adventurous. This is not only for students or children else  any generation can use it with ease. those people who are actually unknown about this uniquely designed app for both learning and playing …. we will help you to learn everything on how to prepare your new account and how you can log into the app from here ….

kahoot guide

Hint: To set up a new account on Kahoot app is very easy for anyone to start and can use instantly after creating the account. Hence we will explain you on how to create the account with proper steps so that it becomes easy for you to understand. Follow the given steps and make your work easy and learn things sitting at one place …

Kahoot Login As a Student

Hint: if you want to get logged in as a student in kahoot app first you need to make a complete student account of yours on the particular. And if it is not there you can make a new student account by following these steps provided below

STEP 1 : The very first step to create the student’s account on kahoot is to visit the official  website of kahoot app there you will see the first page of the sign up process

Go to: https://getkahoot.com/

STEP 2 : Now here you will get a option as “Already got an account”? Log in!

kahoot login

STEP 3 : You need to click on that log in  icon given there .

STEP 4 : The very next step after this will be your details to student’s account like username and password.

STEP 5 : And when you fill in the recommendations for your kahoot account , click on the log in button given at the bottom of the particular page

Else, this was the process how you can sign for a new kahoot account and then further login as a student or a teacher into it. The process to set up the account is very simple with easy steps given all you need is to follow all the steps accordingly. Also kahoot allows it’s users to run the entire tool on a mobile phone , as people will find it more easy to run it on a remotedly mobile phone. You can use this tool both on ios and android platforms.

People having ios and android devices can easily follow up the given link below to install the kahoot app on their respective smartphones and from right there they can start using the particular app with the ease.

Kahoot Login as a Teacher

Kahoot is free for educators, who can upload their own questionnaires or choose among several million quizzes that other users have posted. The company has begun to generate revenue by charging publishers to include quizzes with their material on the site. It also offers a fee-based service for companies to use Kahoot for consumer marketing or to engage employees in corporate information.

Teachers can play kahoots in school with students and easily assign them as homework through the mobile app. The game results can be downloaded by the teacher and used as a quick and easy formative assessment tool, allowing every educator to individualize their students’ learning effectively.

Below are some easy steps guide for Kahoot Teacher Login:

Step 1 >>> Create Kahoot Account by Android App, iOS App or via a Web browser.

Step 2 >>> Type kahoot.it in the address bar and sing up for free.

Step 3 >>> Choose the role (I Am A Teacher) for your Kahoot account.

Step 4 >>> Fill Details like your school/university, your username, email id. Confirm the email id, create a new password for your account.

Step 5 >>> Now, click on Create Account.

Congrats! Your free Kahoot Teacher Login account has been successfully created.

If you Want to Login as a Teacher then, just follow the same steps mentioned above. Make sure you have a Teacher account and its related credentials.

While playing on Kahoot, Players typically have 30 seconds to click an answer on their laptops, tablets or smartphones. They earn points for correct choices and extra points for clicking faster.

Kahoot Signin

Creating a Kahoot account for both students, teachers and other players is very effortless. You require following certain requisites to reach your profile.

create kahoot

  • When you log on to the website, click on create a Kahoot account, where 4 options are to be provided.
  • The 4 options include- As a Teacher, As a Student, Socially, At work
  • You need to open the account with the Google email account or Microsoft email account or with any other valid email address of yours.
  • Once you created your respective account, you cannot switch the sign-in method.
  • If you go with the Google or Microsoft email accounts You need to sign in with the SSO
  • Yet if you open the account with some other email account, a confirmation email will be sent to your respective id every time you sign in. Along with the password reset options.
  • Fill in your important details, to begin with, your profile initially.
  • Using an effective username and password must never be shared except the gaming pins.

You can challenge your fellow players for leading them towards an educational drive of quizzes that have been recommended by various highest authorities. Such educational games put on a wider impact on the overall intelligence of a person, who would like to test his instincts and knowledge obtained with this one game. Signing in for Kahoot is very easier and less time-consuming.

  • Click on the Kahoot for students
  • Create a new account
  • Either use your Gmail id or any other mail id
  • Create a challenge
  • Enjoy
  • Be a ghost player and challenge your previous scores

You can use Kahoot at any of the devices such as Chrome book, Ipad, Ipod, Windows phone, Android phone etc. it is an inspiring creation, helps students developing their own researches. With entertaining quizzes and challenges, you will experience a new gaming drive where the procedure is non-traditional. It is a great platform for conducting researches, socialization, and fun based environment, where students have taken this game to their classrooms as well. It is a free gaming portal that requires you to fill all of your essential details after which you can begin with an adventurous yet knowledgeable journey.

Kahoot Signup

STEP 1: The very first step is to open the official website of the kahoot to set up a new kahoot account without any cost. Here is the kahoot’s official website link attached

Go to: https://getkahoot.com/

STEP 2: After you click on the link attached , you will be directed to a new page with four thumbnails asking you how you will use kahoot? As a teacher, student, socially or being at work. The user or the person who is setting up the account needs to select any of the option given but we will suggest you to select student as it’s the best among all the four options.

STEP 3: After selecting the option as how you want to use kahoot , the very next page will open for the sign in option – on how do you want to get signed in to the following app?? For this you will be given three options for you and you have to choose one among them to sign in to the account..

i want to use kahoot



  1. Sign up with Google
  2. Sign up with Microsoft
  3. Sign up with email


kahoot signup

You need to  select an appropriate option according to your ease and if you select gmail account as a option to sign  in then you will be simply directed to the account through your gmail account.

STEP 4: After signing up your acoount you will be asked for further more important information needed to fill all the particular details for the following kahoot account

STEP 5: The next page which will open in front of you will ask you to complete and fill the details to the form given below

kahoot account

The user need to enter the name of their school or college , the username for the particular account set up and the last to accept the terms and conditions applied to the app . and now you will see a button written there join kahoot , click on that and yes congratulations you created your own kahoot account.

Kahoot Game Pin Codes

Gaming pins are different for each quiz rounds. Each quiz round will have a particular gaming pin. After getting the gaming pin of your own quiz, provide this to your audiences to join your session and experience the fun of kahoot.

Note: Please keep in mind that this hack is irreversible and these bots cannot be removed from the Kahoot which you hacked

Kahoot Hack

There are few steps which you need to follow to hack Kahoot. So let’s take a look at these steps which will hack or spam Kahoot by adding a huge number of bots to any Kahoot you want.

kahoot hack

Step 1: Copy the game pin of the Kahoot which you want to hack or spam.

Step 2: Then go to this website http://www.kahootspam.com/

Step 3: Here, enter the game pin which you had copied, enter the nickname and also enter the number of bots you want in the specific text boxes.

Step 4: Check the ‘I’m not a robot‘ box.

Step 5: Then, click on the option below which says ‘Flood‘.

Step 6: Then, go back to the target Kahoot, and here, you will notice that bots equal to the number which you entered will be added.

Step 7: Start Kahoot and you will notice that the bots respond to the questions asked in it.

Kahoot Spam

Kahoot has become so popular learning and gaming platform, it has millions of people across the globe who are active players . as every app has it’s own basic instructions which are needed to be followed kahoot also has basic instructions guide which you need to follow before you use kahoot . to get the most of the kahoot platform, there are various websites available on the web world which can actually hack the kahoot. Kahoot platform  also has a solution to this that is kahoot spam , kahoot spam has become trendy and people have started using this platform to explore kahoots. There are many kahoot spammers available who provide bots of games .

kahoot has advanced technologies on the kahoot spam platform which they use to generate many unknown users as bots. These unknown users can use  the pin of the game and can start playing the particular game to score high on the kahoot platform. with this you will be able to make your game famous and you will be mentioned as an important user of the kahoot. And for this only many users are searching for many ways to use kahoot spam platform.

kahoot spam

There are many kahoot spam websites and unknown sources are available through which you can use kahoot spam easily , but rather than these all ways we will provide you a quick and easy spam tool which gives you a benefit of generating a number of users for the selected game in just minutes.

NOTE: using this kahoot tool is still illegal and you need to be alert while using this as this is a learning platform and the main motive is to educate people so for your benefits this won’t tend to be a good idea . the following is for the educational purpose only so you should be much aware before doing this:


STEP.1: Open the google chrome web browser and launch the kahoot platform, log into your kahoot account.

Step.2: Now, go to the google webstore page and click on the search option.

Step.3: In the search bar, type in kahoot bot and then click the enter button

Step.4: You could see kahoot bot extension right there on the front page.

Step.5: Make sure to click on to the add to chrome button at the upper right corner of the same page.

Step.6: The browser will check the compatibility of the extension . once checked, the extension will be downloaded and installed to your chrome browser.

Step.7: The add to chrome button will be changed to added to chrome

Follow>> Kahoot Guide

Congratulations! You have successfully installed the kahoot bot extension to your google chrome browser.

If you want to start using this tool all you need to do is just click on the kahoot bot extension from the upper right corner of the web browser . enter the game pin you want to spam  and click on the kahoot spam button given there.

Kahoot’s FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Does Kahoot Collect Personal Information From Students?

Kahoot is actually safe and it doesn’t collect any personal information rather than email id’s of the students that too for the password reminder and not for anything else .

  1. Is There Any Kahoot App Available?

Yes Kahoot is an app and it’s available on both  ios and android mobiles like any other apps available on it. Not only this Kahootis also available on Microsoft store for windows 10 PCs.

  1. Is Kahoot Free?

Initially when it was launched it was introduced as a free learning and gaming platform for all it’s users. But after some time it also introduced it’s premium version like of other applications and for the premium version you will have to subscribe it . and premium version is for the people who want more than learning and want to have most of it’s use. Kahoot is then also free for the students and teachers who usese this for learning purpose.

  1. How Does Kahoot Use My Email ID?

Kahoot actually takes email id’s  for  sending the link related to password reminder  and also for letting you know other promotional emails regarding platform. And further there is any other new changes applied then you will be informed for this by receiving an email .

  1. How Do I Change my Kahoot Details?

Changing information in  your account is quite simple , you need to log in into your kahoot account and next you need to click on the my account icon given there . you will see settings option there and thus from here you can make changes in your email and other information you mentioned in your account.

  1. How Do I Contact Kahoot Support Team?

Kahoot is always there to solve all your queries you have and to get support team know your queries you need to login into your kahoot account and then click on the support section out there . from there you will get all the further details regarding your queries. Kahoot also has a twitter and facebook account where you can tweet on twitter and ask questions on their official facebook page as well. The official twitter account of kahoot is @kahootsupport

  1. How Can I Delete My Kahoot Account?

After you signed in to your kahoot account then to delete your account all you need is select your username from the  upper right corner. Then select the option delete my account  from there, after you click on that there will be a confirmation option blinking on your account you need to click on confirm and thus your kahoot account will be deleted.

  1. What is Public Profile in Kahoot?

Kahoot’s public profile are same as any other public profile it shows other people your kahoot profile and things you created there. Rather than this kahoot has a secured platform out there which does not allow any person to know your personal information you mentioned in your kahoot account.

  1. What is “Under 16 Account” in Kahoot?

In this account there are some of the limited permissions provided to the under 16 users of kahoot  mainly teenagers, this type of account does not allow to search on kahoot and also they cannot share kahoot on the platform .

  1. What is Kahoot Paid Account?

As mentioned above about premium account in other FAQ , Kahoot has a premium account to those who want to play smart games. Users who wat premium account need to pay for the collaboration with account holders otherwise there is no such other paymemt option in kahoot platform.

  1. How Do I Find a Game PIN on Kahoot?

Kahoot app’s each game provides a unique code or pin and it’s a must if a user wants to join a kahoot. You need to be in the location where someone is hosting it. You could see the kahoot when the screen is launched and this is how you can find a game pin in kahoot .  this is not yet done people also share some of the kahoot pin codes on the social media platforms and from there also you can get it on the internet.

Kahoot Login Issue Guide

Kahoot is basically a gaming and learning platform where students and teachers can participate and learn many new things out there. Here students can get their queries read and response from the teachers in an active time. It’s a very peculiar and uniquely designed tool which is very benefitial for all the students who want to learn new things and play new games. Kahoot also allows people to create their own game and launch it on the particular platform  , it also allows  to share it soo that others can also play from there. It’s a best platform to explore new things daily with in a very adventurous way. This is used by soo many people across the globe. Overall it is a platform where you can dicover, play and share variety of games daily also with a learning collaboration.

1. I Cannot Login to My Kahoot, After Repeated Password Changes

As said before it is a very secured platform and they do not share any of your personal information with the public out there and they only ask your credentials like username and password . some of the users have asked about login issue as they were finding problem while logging in after entering repeated passwords. This can be solved by following some of the steps

Solution : when you will login to your kahoot account you will need to enter your username and password then directly click the login button and thus your problem wil be solved.

2. Can’t Signin After Creating a New Kahoot Account

Kahoot is a trusted platform for students and teachers to learn new things on a daily basis and this platform has become popular mostly among youngsters . many of them have issues regarding sign in to the kahoot account after creating a new account to overcome this issue we have a solution for you.

SOLUTION: When a user create a new account on kahoot platform the system will ask you to put you username and password to sign in to your account. Remember you need to enter username and not the email id. And by this you will be able to sign in to your account easily without any problem.

3. My Kahoot Username/Password Not Working

Kahoot app works on the process of username and password to log in to your kahoot account. After this also some people find problem logging into their kahot account this can be when your password doesn’t match your respective password you entered while making your account or else you have forgetten your password .. don’t worry we have a solution for this also you will get a new password option easily by following some of these easy steps.

SOLUTION : while logging into your account you need to click on the option “lost your password” and when you click this option you will be directed to another step that is you will be asked to enter your email and after that click on the “email me button “ there once you did this you will receive a link regarding resetting your password  and thus you can reset your password again for your kahoot account.

4. Your Previous Login Has Expired, Please Login Again

Every time I try to login to play a new game the screen shows “ your previous login has expired please login again” many people have complained about this

SOLUTION: if you find this type of problem then there is a bug present in your system which is creating this issue and to overcome this issue you need to try logging in multiple times and then you will be logged in easily.

Further if you have any other issues regarding kahot log then please let us know in comment          section below  and we will give possible solutions to your respective login queries

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Kahoot is a wide platform with no limitations and open for all age groups . doen’t matter how old are you, what’s your profile or what you do there is always a new thing to learn here every time you log in to this. There are thousands of games and learning materials through which you can learn and spend your time ..

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